Signature Property Consulting is the managing body for an outstanding group of professionals specializing in Architecture, Engineering and Project Management.

Lum Chong ChuenDirector, Mechanical and Electrical Engineer

Lum Chong Chuen is a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer and Director of Signature Property Consulting. With 45+ years experience in providing supervision, auditing and overall design of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Services, he has worked with a wide range of clients ranging from government authorities, utility providers and private clients.


  • Sentosa Cove, Singapore
  • SIMTECH Building, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • Villa Riviera, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
  • Saigon Sports City, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
  • Eurocopter Building, Loyang Way, Singapore

Corda Matrona Laloan – Civil and Structural Engineer

Corda is a Civil and Structural Engineer with 10+ years experience in project management and engineering design in South-East Asia. From Conservation areas in Singapore to high-rise superstructures in Indonesia her design and review expertise spans the commercial and residential sectors


  •    Gama (Cemindo) Tower, tallest building in the country in 2015, Indonesia
  •    Aloft Hotel Jakarta, Indonesia
  •    Novena Parkway Hospital, Singapore
  •    Tangs Plaza, Singapore
  •    The Heeren, Singapore
  •    Fusionopolis Place, Singapore
  •    Universal Studio, Singapore


Signature is committed to best practice methodologies and constantly improves to ensure only the highest standard are delivered to our valued clients. With award-winning standards and a multi-disciplinary approach, we provide a single-source responsibility for all developments. This ensures the continued standards of every Signature project.

Signature Entities


Founded in 1937 by Dr K Hainal-Konyi, an eminent European Engineer and Researcher, Hainal-Konyi & Partners began as pioneers in the use of new materials and techniques and in its 70+ years in existence, the partnership has completed several hundred projects in Europe.

The Asian branch was established in 1981 with the opening of an office in Singapore, regional expansion quickly followed with new offices in the region including Vietnam, Malaysia and China.

Hainal-Konyi adopts an engineering team management and quality management approach towards project work, and is continuously committed to the development of industry-wide quality standards.

Hainal-Konyi’s internal system of project checking, software evaluation, design & drafting standards has been certified by Singapore’s Building Control Authority as achieving ISO 9001 standards since 1997.

Hainal-Konyi is a full service provider of professional services in the field of engineering works.

It provides a complete range of engineering services including:

  • civil and structural
  • geotechnical
  • environmental
  • mechanical and electrical

as well as accredited checking worldwide.


Its capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • master planning in civil engineering,
  • infrastructure works in civil engineering
  • feasibility studies
  • conceptual design
  • design
  • development
  • tender invitation analysis and report
  • reporting on specific elements
  • accredited checker and value engineering


is an independent, specialized provider of computer-aided drafting and documentation services and solutions to the construction industry worldwide.

We provide architects, engineers and contractors with fast, easy access to trained and qualified drafts people, thereby helping to substantially reduce your drawing production costs.

We adopt a holistic approach to understanding our clients’ needs. With over 30 years of related experience in producing measured drawings, we address your needs by providing qualified drafting and documentation solutions in the five key building disciplines, delivered innovatively using the latest technology and systems. Even though we are mainly based in Singapore, through the use of technology and the Internet, we deliver our services to clients based anywhere on the globe.


Hainal-Konyi brings a world of opportunity to design optimization solutions.

Our worldwide experience and excellent service will make things happen and create an atmosphere of shared participation throughout the design process.

Hainal-Konyi aims to deliver client satisfaction on each and every project. This means integrating the necessary design and management skills to optimize key outcomes – simply put, the right built environment on budget on time.

Hainal-Konyi will be the global leader in the design of the built environment. Our work will reflect imagination and intelligence, creating exceptional spaces that enhance and enrich the human experience. Our finished environments will inspire those who experience them.

Hainal-Konyi believes in attracting and keeping people of the highest quality and integrity by providing a professional environment that provides outstanding opportunities for growth and reward in their regional offices.